I have been working with The Emotion Code & Body
code for over 5 years now. Truly amazing stuff !

Other practitioners charge up to $139 per session for
this work, take advantage of the low prices while you
can ! Discounts available for multiple sessions

Now working with the NEW EXPANDED Body
Code 2.0. Prices WILL be rising soon!

You've never heard of the Body Code? Well let me tell you more ...

It has been nearly 3 years since I discovered and began working with the
Emotion Code & Body Code. I love how it truly CHANGES LIVES !

A former skeptic, I got my first introduction to energy healing 10, maybe even
15 years ago when I got my first Reiki attunement. I was hooked! Have since
gotten Reiki Master attunements in both Usui & Kundalini Reiki as well as a
few others. I've worked with EFT, TAT, Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness
(am a Bars Practitioner), BSFF and A & R. I suspect there are more than a few
others I've since forgotten !

All those other modalities paled after using the Body Code! Though I do
include Reiki w/ my sessions and sometimes work on negative beliefs using A
& R if I am guided to do so, there is really no comparison. I could probably
write pages on why I love helping people with the Body Code, but this says it
best ...

J. & many others like her have suffered for years w/ with physical issues or
have been carrying emotional baggage from CHILDHOOD. A lot of my clients
have tried many other things without success. I find it very rewarding to turn
hopelessness to HOPE ! I would love you help

Give a gift that keeps on
giving. I have seen this
work change lives, both
physically and emotionally.
Sessions purchased at the
current low prices will be
honored even after the
rates increase. Gift
YOURSELF before prices
'Physical & Emotional Healing for People & Pets...
... anywhere in the world!'
NEW ! Check this out.
Do you find your life is encountering a few more 'bumps in the road' than you'd
like? Perhaps a health condition is getting you down, or you are concerned with
the side-effects of long term medication. Are you just plain sick and tired of

Maybe you find yourself re-creating the
same negative situations over and over
again with bosses, family members or in relationships? Aren't you getting more
than a bit tired of it? I can help you remove blocks to better health and better
relationships - even to one of THE MOST IMPORTANT relationships, your
relationship with YOURSELF.

Now in addition to Body Code work, I am including Reiki with each session.

In August I was thrilled to be invited to be a featured speaker by popular telecall host
Ana Maria Vasquez. She was doing a series on Natural Healing Modalities for pets
and she wanted me to talk about The Body Code ! I was both honored, thrilled and
SCARED TO DEATH to find myself about to be a Public Speaker! Luckily the
Emotion Code / Body Code let me clear the Trapped Emotions contributing to
TERROR. It came off much better than I expected - some people even said they really
liked it.

If you want to give it a listen - Click Here

While the series primary focus was on Animals, the same info applies to people.
I AM having a powerful reaction to this treatment, but it's great!
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling remarkable! I felt NORMAL! I
didn't hurt. My chest didn't hurt. My back didn't hurt. My heart felt
happy. Nothing felt weird like it usually does. I felt Healed. (I
realize I'm not all "cooked" (done) yet, but I definitely feel different.
My whole being feels different and much more stable. This is where
I was so anxious to get to. Just feeling more stable....

Thank you so much! J
***While we have seen some truly amazing emotional and health related
benefits with this healing, Body Code work is NOT a substitute for medical or
veterinary care!

However if your Doctor, counselor, veterinarian or animal behaviorist is being
challenged by you or your animals issues, BC work often produces results when
other treatments fail. It also works well in conjunction with conventional