'growing' my client base. Buy a 4 or more
session package & get an additional
Emotion Code session FREE! Offer good
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'Physical & Emotional Healing for
People & Pets...
... anywhere in the
Do you find your life is encountering a few more 'bumps in the
road' than you'd like? Perhaps a health condition is getting you
down, or you are concerned with the side-effects of long term
medication. Are you just plain sick and tired of being SICK AND

Maybe you find yourself re-creating the
same negative situations
over and over again with bosses, family members or in
relationships? Aren't you getting more than a bit tired of it? I can
help you remove blocks to better health and better relationships
- even to one of THE MOST IMPORTANT relationships, your
relationship with YOURSELF.

Now in addition to Body Code work, I am including Reiki with
each session.

I AM having a powerful reaction to this treatment, but
it's great! Yesterday morning I woke up feeling
remarkable! I felt NORMAL! I didn't hurt. My chest didn't
hurt. My back didn't hurt. My heart felt happy. Nothing
felt weird like it usually does. I felt Healed. (I realize I'm
not all "cooked" (done) yet, but I definitely feel
different. My whole being feels different and much more
stable. This is where I was so anxious to get to. Just
feeling more stable....

Thank you so much! J
***While we have seen some truly amazing emotional and
health related benefits with this healing, Body Code work is
NOT a substitute for medical or veterinary care!

However if your Doctor, counselor, veterinarian or animal
behaviorist is being challenged by you or your animals issues, BC
work often produces results when other treatments fail. It also works
well in conjunction with conventional treatments.