Can I work with you by phone?

At this time I am not accepting phone appointments. Email sessions
mean that you don't have to set or keep an appointment! It also
means that instead of stopping when your 'time is up', I continue
working on you until your body signals it has released as much as it
can at one time.

I don't understand my report, can you give me more details.

Relax. That's OK, you don't NEED to. While I do give you general
information on what I found during your session. It's the
CLEARING/HEALING that counts. If I were to go through and explain
what I did, why I did it, how I did it etc. etc. etc. I'd have to charge a
whole lot more! Most people would rather get more healing and less
explanation. : ) I guess a good example might be, if I bring my
computer to be fixed I'd rather they 'Just fixed it!' rather than
charge me for the time it would take to explain to me HOW.

Do you do Email follow-up?

I do want to hear back from you between sessions with a brief report
of what changes you noted from the session. That sometimes helps
me to focus the next session better. Extensive email follow-up is not
included, but certainly if you have a quick question feel free to ask.

I feel worse, what's up with that?!

Great! Less than 20% of people experience a what is known as a
Healing Crisis where you 'experience' the trapped emotions released
or the physical issue may seem worse for a couple days. OK, I know
it probably doesn't FEEL great but it's a strong indication that it's

How many sessions do I need?

That's nearly impossible to tell. Most issues, especially emotional
ones have multiple layers that need clearing. But even 2 people with
identical issues will take different numbers of sessions.

Are you going to do all 4 things listed on my Intake form?

The short answer to this is no. I will generally focus on the Primary
item that you have listed. At the end of each session I will ask if
there is anything remaining to address. Depending on the number of
sessions you have chosen, once I complete the first I will move on to
the 2nd etc. The main reason I have you list and rate your top 4
issues is that often the clearing done for the primary issue will affect
other things as well. Rating them allows you to better notice if that

Can I just give you my whole life story and you can decide
what needs work?

While I may eventually offer this, in most cases it would be very
time consuming. For obvious reasons that's not doable at these
rates. For the most part, your
'job' in this healing partnership is to look at your health and/or your
life and decide what YOU want to work on. Feel free to add a few
notes to your form if you think it would be helpful for me to have
some additional info. If I feel I need clarification, or feel we might
approach it from a different angle, I'll get back to you before I
proceed with your sessions. Check out my 'How does it work' page
for some ideas.

Do I need to do anything during the session.

No. How can it get any better than that? I'll send you the report
when I've completed your session and it is recommended that you
drink extra water as that helps release toxins from any type of
energy session.

Can you do sessions at a specific time?

As a rule no. In special circumstances it might be possible (like doing
a child's sessions while they are home and not at school).

How often do you do sessions.

Generally I allow between 3 to 5 days between sessions to allow for
processing time and dependent on my schedule. However if you are
in a hurry for results (before a Dr.s appointment or job interview for
instance) I can generally (schedule permitting) do sessions every
other day if your body indicates it has completed processing the
previous session.

How can you do the work without even talking to me?

It's EASY if you know how. I just make the connection to your
energy/higher self and then go through and 'ask' it what blocks it
has to clearing your issue. When you think about it, how do you talk
to someone on the other side of the country on a cell phone? You're
not physically connected in any way ... it's just energy going
through the air waves. This is much the same.

You got a BUNCH of Trapped Emotions that occurred at Age
xxx. How did you know that?! I never told ANYONE about it.

This kind of goes with the question above. It doesn't matter if you
told anyone or not, your higher self knows. And if you have chosen
to have sessions, you have given it permission to share the info I
need to have in order to help you to 'heal'. BTW - I don't get actual
'events', though sometimes the TEs 'suggest' what it could be.

My adult son has Anger issues or my daughter or
husband/wife should really quit smoking etc. etc. Can I
purchase some sessions for them?

The short answer to this is - NO !! While certainly if THEY want
some help in those areas and you want to pay for the sessions, then
that's great. But it would be unethical for me to go around 'fixing'
people just because someone else thinks they should be fixed. (Bet
I've disappointed a lot of people here - sorry about that!)

Should you want to gift someone with some sessions, first have
them check out the site so they understand how it works. If you
don't, they are likely to say 'You want me to do WHAT?!' IF they are
aggreeable, THEN you can go to the Paypal (link) page and purchase
sessions. Be sure to note in the 'Message to Vendor' box who you
are purchasing the sessions for and THEIR email. I will then contact
them and give them the link to the Intake Form which they will
need to fill out themselves.

I've purchased multiple sessions to work on XXX, can I
change my mind before they are done and work on something

Of course! At the conclusion of each session I will test if there is
more to do. While this isn't always accurate (blocks are stored in
'layers' and sometimes things on a buried layer don't show up until
the layer above clears), as a rule, a YES response means there is
more. While it is generally recommended that you follow through
and fully clear the issue - THEY ARE YOUR SESSIONS. If you want
to just take the 'edge' off of one issue and then move on to
something else, it's totally up to you.

Why didn't you clear my issue all at once?

The body will only allow clearing of as much as it can process at
one time.

I keep seeing the same Trapped Emotions, why didn't they
get cleared the first time?

They did. It only LOOKS that way. Most issues contain multiple
layers of emotions. Getting a lot of the same ones over and over is
very common, as once your body is already reasonating with 'anger'
for instance, it is much more likely to attract more of that same
emotion. I suspect most 'road rage' is the result of LOTS of totally
unrelated trapped emotions.

What are Hidden Heartwalls ?
Sometimes Heartwalls can be hidden, occasionally a 'primary
heartwall' is hidden (you must then ask specifically if there is a
hidden heartwall), and at other times once the primary heartwall
has been cleared there may be smaller Hidden Heartwalls as well.

Are the clearing of Hidden Heartwalls inclueded in the
'Heartwall Package' ?

No. Only if your primary Heartwall happens to be hidden. Any
additional secondary Heartwalls that may be present are not
included in the package rate. However, as a rule those are small and
don't require the purchase of an additional 'package'.