barked non-stop from the time she got into the car till they arrived
at their destination. As she frequently took Maggie different places
to walk, this was getting old fast! I suggested several behavior
modification solutions, but none seemed to make much of a dent on
the barking.

As I had been very successful working with Reunion Rescue (a
rescue organization that helps Pit Bulls in Texas) in addressing
behavioral issues, and Maggie was a rescue as well, I thought it
quite likely that emotions trapped from her previous experiences
were the cause of her anxious barking in the car.

Her owner was committed to doing whatever she could to help
Maggie. We decided to use The Body Code to clear those trapped
emotions causing Maggie's barking. After several sessions, she was
thrilled to report that the barking had gone from near 100% of the
ride to only 25%, and most that 25% occurred when Maggie saw
other dogs or joggers.

Maggie's owner continued to schedule walks for times and places
where she would be unlikely to run into people with other dogs,
which often meant very early in the AM or late at night. This
worked well for quite some time, but after a couple of instances of
running into other dogs, Maggie's 'over the top' reactive behavior
caused her to see if the Body Code would help that as well.

Did it ever !! See the results of our 'experiment' below. Keep in
mind that the owner's 'training assignment' was 'Don't do ANY
training, and continue to avoid other dogs until we can to the 'After
BC work' video.

As a dog agility and obedience instructor, I
frequently work with dogs that have
behavioral issues. Maggie's owner thought
that she would enjoy agility, but said that
due to Maggie's reactive behavior with other
dogs she wanted to do private rather than
group classes. While we did address some
obedience issues from time to time, her
primary focus was to just allow Maggie to
enjoy agility.

At one point, she happened to mention that
Maggie's Body Code
Note that in the 2nd
segment of the video,
while Maggie had
noticed the other dog,
her owner was easily
able to redirect her
attention. This was NOT
possible prior to the BC
work. She is even
wagging her tail through
much of the session.
Previously, when Maggie
was in 'Reactive Mode' it
was simply not possible
to get her attention off
the other dog, even at a
further distance than
was shown.

Also note that the Body
Code work I did with
Maggie was NOT done in
person. That is what I
LOVE about this work, I
can work on anyone,
Deb was pleased to report that Maggie even make a
new friend ! That was BIG.