I am the director of Reunion Rescue and Animals First Rescue. Reunion
Rescue was started over 10 years ago to save pit bulls. Over the years I
have come to find that a good raw diet and holistic healing is beneficial not
only for pit bulls, but for all animals rescued or otherwise.

Around a year ago, I came into possession of a female Staffie Bull who had
been living at a finder's home. She exhibited no aggression and was very
dog and people friendly. She even went to the dog park every day. When
the finder had to leave town for vacation, I offered to foster Raspberry. She
began her heat cycle the minute she came to my house, so we scheduled
her for a spay operation the next day.

Raspberry came home from the hospital a very different dog. She was
extremely aggressive and went for my husband's face. I was shocked. I
had never seen this sort of a change in behavior before. I contacted the
animal communication group and asked someone to speak with Raspberry.
Not only was Raspberry suffering from the ill effects of a rabies vaccine,
but she had been through a very hard surgery in which they had been far
from gentle.

We began a long path of holistic treatments to save Raspberry. There is no
known detox for the rabies vaccine. Raspberry and I literally began a path
into the unknown. I researched everything I could find related to rabies
vaccinosis. We tried long term approaches which showed some relief, but I
could tell Raspberry was suffering beyond my ability to help her.

She slowly overcame her human aggression, much thanks to my husband
who refused to let her be afraid of him. However, I could still not walk her
near other dogs or animals. She was kept in our spare office where she
chewed the windowsills off the wall, a direct symptom of rabies vaccinosis.
I was finally able to find a place which observed the leash law and was able
to being taking Raspberry for walks. I knew she needed exercise to get
better. We attempted three dog classes, but Raspberry was just not ready
for group classes. We were even kicked out of the most renowned training
classes in our region. At this point, I was beginning to feel hopeless. I was
even challenging my own commitment to rescue.

Then a series of events happened. I met a lady in rescue who told me of a
local dog boarding facility who just never meets a 'bad' dog. I called him
about Raspberry. He arranged with me to have Raspberry come to his
facility the following Saturday. I was afraid. What if he couldn't help
Raspberry? What would we do then? I contacted the animal communication
group again and was blessed to meet Linda. She volunteered to do a Body
Code session for Raspberry and conveyed that transcript to me.

What I didn't know was Linda continued to work with Raspberry through
the week. I had noticed a change in Raspberry, but I thought it was the
long term holistic work finally kicking in. I received an email from Linda
asking if I had noticed any change. I had and so had my husband. We both
reported that Raspberry seemed extra happy as if a light had come on
inside her. What we didn't know was Linda had been working with
Raspberry all that week with the emotion codes and readings. She even
called in her colleague, Jayne, to help Raspberry by sending reiki. By the
time I received Linda's email, Raspberry was different and ready to go to
her doggy day care.

On the way to introduce Raspberry to the facility, I got a text from Linda.
She had done one more BC session with Raspberry. In the session,
Raspberry was found to need a supplement to remove the rest of the
metals from her system. It seems the mercury injected in her rabies
vaccine was causing the aggression. I just happened to have that
supplement at home. I turned around and made plans to pick it up and
dose Raspberry before her meet and greet.

The results were astounding. Raspberry played off leash with something
like forty dogs that day! I had never seen anything like it. She spent two
weeks at the boarding facility with nothing but raves from the staff.
Raspberry was perfect. She loves other dogs and has excellent dog
language. She is all about playing. There is not an agressive bone in her
body. We have the photos to show it, too. She came back to my house and
plays with the dogs in my care all day long.

I feel as if I have been blessed with a gift. I do not think it was an accident
that I met Linda. The work she is doing is extraordinary. I believe that
many dogs and animals in shelters put there for behavior reasons are the
result of these vaccines as poor Raspberry suffered so dramatically. When I
met Linda, I was at the end of my rope and questioning whether or not to
continue to rescue animals. After this amazing experience with Raspberry,
I am now able to share her story and help so many other people who are
feeling that same hopelessness that I felt.

Since Raspberry, Linda has helped several other dogs in my care for
several other issues. I believe that Linda's work is phenomenal and can be
the breakthrough animal people like myself have been looking for. Thank
you so much, Linda, for believing in Raspberry and helping her. I know that
Raspberry will find her forever home, but she is such a joy to be around
and to love that I know I am going to have a hard time giving her up.
Raspberry and I owe our happy lives to Linda.

Cindy Marabito
Reunion Rescue
Animals First Rescue

Cindy writes -
Raspberry (left)
and her new best
friend Tommy
I feel really honored and beyond thrilled to have been able to help
Raspberry (and many other dogs) regain her cheerful and happy
personality. So many animals come from bad situations, and all those
negative emotions that get trapped in their bodies often turn into bad

Does YOUR dog have behavioral or health issues? Dr. Brad Nelson, the
developer of the Emotion Code & Body Code (used to help Raspberry),
claims that 90% of dog's behavioral issues can be benefit from the
Emotion Code/Body Code. This is especially helpful for rescue animals
who often come from less than ideal previous conditions. Sometimes
dogs that left loving homes have Trapped Emotions as well due to their
feelings of being abandoned.

As a dog trainer, I often see behavioral issues resolve
much quicker
once the emotional 'gunk' is cleared out.
(For details and video - see
Maggie's page.)

The Body Code is also helpful for dogs experiencing health issues.
Though THEY can't tell you what is wrong, their body knows. The Body
Code lets me test to see what is going on and in many cases fix it. It has
saved me from vet visits MANY times!

I'd love to help YOUR dog reach their full potential.