Introductory Rates are $45 / session
Package rates as low as $37.50 / session
At the Check Out page you will choose what sevices or
size package you want and pay for your session via
PayPal (a secure payment service that allows you to
use credit cards while keep your actual card number
hidden from the service provider).

Once your payment has been processed, I will send you
the link to the Intake Form (note on the payment
whether it is for Person or Animal.) The first session is
generally completed within 24 hrs to 72 hrs with the
2nd being completed between 3 and 5 days later to
allow for your body to 'process' the first session. If your
body indicates it will need more than that for
processing time I'll notify you.

Once each session has been completed I will email you
a report of what your body gave me for information
and all energetic disruptions that I cleared.

Here is an example of a Sample Report.

To take advantage of the current low rates, you may
also purchase multiple sessions for yourself, a pet or as
a gift.

Go to the CHECK OUT and set up your sessions now.
I'm looking forward to working with you!