One of my first 'official' Body Code Sessions was when an urgent
request appeared from someone on one of my Yahoo Groups for help
with Raspberry, one of her rescue dogs. Raspberry had become so
aggressive after going to the vets for a spay and given vaccines that
Cindy feared there was no way she would be able to be re-homed. She
had to be kept separate from her own dogs and had even lunged at
and bitten her husband. She was at her wits end and asked if anyone
had ideas. I had finished my Body Code course not long before and
thought it would be perfect for Raspberry. Obviously something had
happened to her to cause such an abrupt change in behavior, and
clearing it should cause her good behavior to return - or at least so we
hoped. While it was certainly not an overnight success, multiple
sessions took Raspberry from a dog that couldn't be trusted anywhere
near other dogs to a dog who loves making new doggie friends. Click
for Razz's story in Cindy's own words.


It feels to me as if the BC work you did with me got A REAL LOT OF
STUFF++++ OUT OF THE WAY for Susan to then go in there and do
this Reiki with me unemcumbered with garbage! Does that make sense
to you? I feel as if someone shovelled the driveway (BC work) so to
speak!! ;o) So, I again want to say how thankful I am for you doing
that BC work for me....the joy I feel today is just as much a result of
your work as it is the Reiki! And I look forward to us doing much more
work together. You have been a true Godsend to me.....and your
caring and concern for my well-being has been beyond what I could
have asked for!
~ Mar


Maggie is rescue dog who belongs to one of my students (I am also an
agility and obedience instructor). Though she made HUGE strides since
first coming to her new home over a year ago, still a number of
behavioral issues lingered. Most notably, she barked NON STOP in the
car and was very reactive towards other dogs. Maggie is a very anxious
dog due to her previous experiences, and this retained anxiety was in a
large part what was continuing to cause her reactive behavior. Because
Trapped Emotions are often huge contributors to behavioral and
physical issues, we decided to address the root cause of the behavior
using The Body Code before continuing with training. Seeing is
believing! To read the rest of Maggie's story and actually SEE before
and after video, check out Maggie's page.

While BC work is not a substitute for training, removing the root cause
of bad behavior makes training MUCH easier and more effective. In this
instance, there was no training involved other than rewarding Maggie
when she didn't overreact at the sight of another dog.


I met Linda in the spring of 2009 and have had the amazing
opportunity to witness her growth as a Body Code practitioner from the
moment the idea was conceived to the present day. She has been
extremely dedicated in her work and I have seen her grow and evolve
at a rapid rate.

I am an energy healer myself, have been since I was 16 years old -- a
total of nearly 40 years. I've practice many forms of healing work.
Throughout my years as a healer, I have encountered individuals and
animals where my healing work took an enormous amount of time to
release the obstacles which prevented a return to physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual health. My angelic entourage guided me to
request assistance from Linda in these challenging cases and I was in
awe of how quickly quantum leaps in healing occurred when we
partnered with one another. Linda, through her Body Code work, was
able to release emotional blocks quickly which, when followed by my
healing work produced rapid results in seemingly hopeless situations. I
have also exchanged personal healing sessions with Linda for both
myself and my dogs. Since I am very sensitive to energy, I have been
fortunate enough to 'feel' the Body Code energy as she does my
sessions and I can vouch for how powerful it is!

If you have not yet experienced a Body Code healing, I suggest that
you give it a try! Linda has the ability to clear many trapped emotions
hidden deep within a person's being which quickly opens the door for
rapid transformation and healing on all levels of your being. I do not
recommend many people -- only the ones who truly impress me. So, it
is my great honor and privilege to provide this testimonial for Linda.
She is a person of great integrity as well as an outstanding healer.


Susan Beran
'Healing with Reiki Angels'


Dear Linda-

I have taken a few days to respond to you since it was hard to put my
experience into words at first. I am always a much better talker than a
writer.First off it has felt very profound and I have noticed a very large
change in how I feel in relation to the world and my inner self.

I was able to notice a very new experience of my heart unshielded and
more exposed and was able to slowly allow this to be expanded even
more and to fully consciously allow your healing in and the shifts have
been continuing in loving, graceful increments since. I was able to
clearly feel the former dimension of my
Heart Wall and to feel it
diminished by one third.

I have been very deeply touched by nearly everyone who I have come
in contact with since then, to see them as their true hearts and have
been moved to beautiful tears many times. I have also been able to
access some of the "reasons why I chose to cover my heart and why it
is now the perfect time to uncover it and many other correlations to
my beliefs about people and life. I have been able to deeply feel the
perfection of the timing of this healing instead of wishing I had done it
sooner in my life.

I am very pleased with how our work together is going and am excited
to see where we will end up with more sessions. How much longer will
your prices be staying at this level? It is a stretch for my finances right
now, but I want to continue working with you as long as I can to
accomplish what we have begun.

Thank you so much for all you have done in my healing. I am so
grateful to have gotten in contact with you and will continue to pass
your name on to others who I think will benefit from your work.

Much love and blessings to you, Ginny

Ginny Ciszek
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Psychic Medium & Clear Channel for Spirit ----- Phone - (206) 408-7190


Hi Linda,

I am so pleased to report significant progress with healing in the "false
pride" arena! Recent circumstances with my employer have been
strongly triggering the "pride" issue for me - which is one of the
reasons I chose to work on it.

Today, I had ample opportunity to react in the old way...and didn't. My
heart felt open to the situation and the people involved. It was almost
effortless to respond with a new perspective. There was also choice
involved, I chose not be jealous or resentful - the difference being that
this time I was able to choose a higher path. It felt good and
natural...and more like who I really am inside.

Blessings to you, Linda.



Just wanted to give you an update on Honei.

Between your healing and her recent vet visit, she is doing well. So
well that I decided to change her meds. I have switched her
conventional meds with holistic remedies. So of course, I will be
watching her closely to be sure she remains okay.

After over a year of watching this poor girl have health
issue after health issue, I am thrilled that her immune
system is a lot stronger!

Thank you!



As I have Fibromyalgia, my legs have not functioned well for some
time and my walks with my dog have been severely limited. At the time
I asked Linda to do my first session, I was in severe pain and only able
to walk about ¾ mile and back home. After the first session I can only
say I was totally amazed and delighted to be able to not only walk
faster and more comfortably but to also stride UP the hill that had been
defeating me for days much to the disappointment of my dog. Both my
dog and I were extremely happy and not only did we get up the hill, we
then walked probably another mile or so once we were up – we did a
walk I had been unable to do for months!!!!!!!!!! My dog kept looking
back at me as if to say “Really? We can keep going? Really?” and was
so happy each time I said ”Yes, it's OK, keep going”

Ecstatic is putting it mildy!!!!!!!! We were both over the moon.

3 months further on my legs are still doing better from that one
session on them. Not as brilliantly every day but I can walk further
every day than I could prior to Body Code work. I am walking much
faster than prior to Body Code, the pain has also lessened dramatically
and the severe pain I was experiencing when there was rain coming
has stopped altogether thankfully!

The best bit is that as I have improved, so has my dog!

I am experiencing further improvements in other areas as we continue
to work on other problems.

Thank you so much Dr Bradley Nelson for creating Body Code - and
Linda for introducing me to it!

Muriel in Scotland


This is very interesting. Zoe saw her chiropractor at 2 p.m. today.
Right before we left I was telling my husband I thought I needed to
stay home because Zoe was having such a hard time getting up.
However, in the car on the half hour drive down to the vet, she looked
at me and I knew you were working on her! Her adjustments always
help her but not quite as much as this time. She is more "there" and I
feel better about her. She has a little more "zip" in her step and is
looking more connected. I will be doing healing touch all the time we
are gone and will do some of the "connecting" kind of work too. And
then the Trapped Emotion --stubborness---she is certainly an "I can do
it myself" kind of girl and just hates that I have to help her into the
truck or up stairs. It is so hard as they age.

Lorie Allen
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master

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