Detox slimming tea can amplify the results of a healthy & active lifestyle

Most of us associate the detoxification process with the deprivation of the solid food body and the exclusive supply of juices or liquids. However, detoxification would be a gentle process that does not shock the body. This is why we recommend a detoxification with teas, which can be done in parallel with a healthy diet. Here are 5 teas that help detoxify the body with which you can do a detoxifying cure!

If you feel a little harder after the festive meals, it would not be wrong to choose an easier diet, plus a teaspoon with detox properties. Detoxifying teas are great for removing toxins from your body. Toxins are those residues, harmful chemicals and oxygen-free radicals that lead to increased levels of stress in the body. Stress slows down metabolism, weakens immunity and increases the level of inflammation, which eventually leads to weight gain, but also the appearance of diseases. Antioxidants and other phytonutrients from detoxification teas counteract the harmful effects of toxins, cleanse the digestive tract and relax the brain – promoting weight loss and optimal functioning of the body.

When fatigue is dominant the cause may be the need for body detoxification. Most of the time this is a way in which the body demands its rights. Every healthy person has a specific level of tolerance to toxins and their action, through which the metabolic and biochemical balance of the body can be maintained.

When their quantity is lower than they should, the body is designed to eliminate them by itself. For the detoxification process to be as efficient as possible the introduction of tea into the diet is absolutely necessary. There have been numerous studies whose results have shown that quality tea is essential in supporting the natural metabolic processes of detoxifying the body.

Tea is a liquor consumed for hundreds of years, due to its beneficial properties in treating a variety of conditions and diseases, but also for its relaxing, revitalizing or calming effects, depending on the type of plant used. A detoxification tea has the ability to evacuate excess water from the body, also contributing to fat burning.

However, in order to see the ultimate effects, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet, life in general. Consumed foods can diminish the positive effect of tea, which is why it is preferable to associate it with a natural diet, but also exercise, especially if the goal is to reach an ideal weight.

SHAPE~TEA® is a detox slimming tea that contains a unique and active ingredient GARCINIA CAMBOGIA. It is traditionally used to slow down the enzyme process that is responsible in producing fat within the body’s cells. It enables the body to metabolize fat more efficiently, thereby inhibiting the body’s ability to make and store fat. Coupled with the other ingredients in this unique formula, this tasty tea also detoxifies and cleanses the body by acting as a mild lubricant that gently encourages the digestive function to perform at its optimum.

Formulated in the United States, this 100% herbal blend has remarkable weight loss inducing properties to keep you looking great always.

SHAPE~TEA® is not just a diet aid, but rather a herbal supplement to a complete weight reduction program. So, for the shape you’ve always wanted, try a cup today.

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