Kefir milk in Pakistan

Kefir is a drink made from fermented milk which, according to the latest scientific studies, has a number of beneficial effects on health: it thus helps to prevent and treat many ailments and diseases, starting with the most common skin treatments, to fight gastric cancer.

By its nature, kefir is rich in calcium, but also in the so-called “probiotic” bacteria. Its antibiotic properties are confirmed by medical studies that show that it has antioxidant effects, an active role in lowering cholesterol, as well as a number of antibacterial activities.

Unlike other dairy products, such as yogurt or sana, in traditional kefir are found, in addition to the usual bacteria, present in lactic acids, yeasts and bacteria specific to kefir: these microorganisms help the intestinal flora, fight pathogens and increase, thus , the body’s immunity.

In addition, low-fat kefir is high in protein and low in calories: which is why nutritionists recommend it in various diets. The best results are achieved with home-made Kefir , you can learn more details here on Kefir grains Pakistan. The drink can also be used as an ingredient in face cosmetics. Kefir consumption has been shown to have antitumor effects in gastric cancer.

The drink is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine, important components for bones, teeth, muscles and the nervous system. In addition to protein, it contains vitamins A, D, B and K.

What is kefir and how is it prepared? The word “kefir” comes from the Turkish language and translates to “well-being”. The drink has its origins in the Caucasus region. Kefir is thus a dairy product made from fermented milk from cows, sheep or goats, created by shepherds in the Caucasus: they are credited with the method by which fresh milk was put in a special satchel or bellows, made of goatskin or sheepskin, together with kefir granules. Kefir grains in Pakistan produced the Kefir that was left to ferment all day.

The fermentation process helps to break down lactose in milk, which makes it possible for the drink to be consumed by people with lactose intolerance who normally cannot drink milk.

At present, kefir is produced on the basis of an extremely well-developed modern manufacturing technology.