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Pentobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate currently utilized to initiate and maintain medically induced coma, as well as for management of elevated intracranial pressure, particularly in the setting of traumatic brain injury . In the United States’ judicial system, the drug is utilized as a means of lethal injection in humans. Veterinarians administer pentobarbital most frequently for euthanasia purposes.

Intraperitoneal (IP) injection of pentobarbital is used in experimental medicine as an anesthetic in small animals such as rat and mouse. Pentobarbital is an important drug for relieving convulsive seizures, especially when caused by strychnine.

Pentobarbital as sodium salt has been used as a sedative and hypnotic in the short-term management of insomnia. Pentobarbital sodium has also been used for premedication in anesthetic procedures. Pentobarbital is FDA-approved for the emergency control of certain acute convulsive episodes, e.g., those associated with status epilepticus, cholera, eclampsia, meningitis, tetanus, and toxic reactions to strychnine or local anesthetics. The other indications for pentobarbital include treatment of nonfatal submersion and traumatic/nontraumatic raised intracranial pressure.

Suicide attempt via self-administration of sodium pentobarbital is extremely uncommon but may occur in those who have access to veterinary medications. The dramatic presentations of barbiturate-associated poisoning are often accompanied by characteristic history and physical findings that can facilitate early identification and treatment of these potentially lethal overdoses. A unique case of a patient suffering from sodium pentobarbital toxicity after intravenous injection is described. Read more on