Scrotal support underwear

Stud Briefs , popular known as scrotal support underwear, was designed by two Canadian male fertility experts, Dr. Spence Pentland and infertility author Daniel Johnson. We designed it to be the healthiest underwear in the World! Stud Briefs utilizes a crotch mesh technology that helps maximize testicular cooling.

Get Focused: Did you know that sperm count decreases by 40% for every 1 °C (1.8 °F) increase of median daytime scrotal temperature? Overheating is also linked to testicular shrinkage and impaired testosterone production.

Now consider that normal boxers and briefs increase median daytime scrotal temperature by about 1.4 °C (2.5 °F)! It is no wonder that the sperm counts of Western men have been plummeting year after, and have declined by more than 60% since 1973!

A high scrotal temperature is a common finding in infertile patients and experimental studies indicate that specific types of heat exposure reduce semen quality. More and more men have a sedentary work position, which increases scrotal temperature. Semen and blood samples from 99 healthy men were analysed in relation to scrotal skin temperature obtained by a 24-h continuous monitoring protocol. Information on sedentary position at work and during spare time was collected by questionnaires. A negative correlation was found between high scrotal temperature and sperm output. Sperm concentration decreased 40% per 1 °C increment of median daytime scrotal temperature (95% CI: 8-71%). Similar results were found for total sperm count, FSH, and inhibin B. Motility, morphology, pH, and testosterone were not significantly associated with temperature. Only weak and inconsistent associations were found between sedentary position and semen quality. We conclude that scrotal temperature and semen quality are closely associated. Sedentary work position encountered in ordinary jobs, although a strong determinant of scrotal temperature, does not seem to have any effect on semen quality.

Stud Briefs actually works in 3 different ways to maximize health benefits for the testicles. It has a super cooling mesh that allows natural testicular cooling. It is also designed to separate the penis and the balls, and push the crotch forward! As well, it provides healthy support that prevents scrotal sagging (which is a real concern when you live more than 45 years), and enhances the counter current cooling mechanism of the testicles.

Cellphone Radiation Shielding Fabric!?
Important: Studies show that sperm counts are 30 per cent lower for heavy users of cell phones. Wireless and cellphone radiation exposure is also linked to sperm DNA damage and erectile dysfunction! That is why we Stud Briefs will use a silver ion shielding fabric to protect against cellphone radiation.

Here are some important factors that influence the amount of cellphone radiation that a you’re exposed to:

– The amount of time spent on the phone.
– Using speaker mode or a hands-free device allows the phone to be held away from the head and body.
– Cell phones adjust their power to use the minimum amount for a good signal. Being farther away from the tower requires more energy to get a good signal, as does being inside a building.
– The amount of cell phone traffic in the area at the time. Higher traffic may require more energy to get a good signal.
– The model of phone being used. Different phones give off different amounts of energy.